Massage Center Sundari

The Sensual Erotic Massage : We know how a relaxing massage can be transformed into a sensual and a very erotic one!
In Bucharest, at Sundari Massage Center

             Created for you by our talented team of massage artists and refined in infinite details for your five senses, this is a story of infinite touches ...
             The same maneuvers from the therapeutic massage session becomes very exciting and sensual when our masseuse focuses on your sexual energetic center and through the hands redirects levels of energy with specific frequencies through your receiving body.

             Technique is the key: we make the difference between a sloppy lackluster affair, and a Hollywood extravaganza!

             ... The memorable use of our sensual - erotic massage is mainly as a healing touch and a great way to deepen intimacy with yourself and, therefore also with your partner.
             Our staff practice regularly ancient secret exercises to keep their sexual energy harmonized at the physical, emotional and spiritual level. This is strictly necessary to make the energy ( Life Force - CHI ) to spin inside the Microcosmic Orbit.

             The 5 senses is involved during the Sensual erotic massage session: sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound. We create here, for you, an erotic smorgasbord of sensations - relaxing music, eroticizing essential oils, aromatherapy shower gels, sensual smelling candles and, of course, the slow healing/relaxing touch. Not to mention about the personnel's pheromones ...
             During the sensual massage session, by using these secret ancient oriental massages knowledge helps refine your sexual energy, giving you a higher sensuality, improving your erotic life with your partner who will notice the difference.
             The massage therapist helps you how to hear your body, your desire and how to listen also your partners desiring body.

            "Erotic massage is nothing if not an extremely intimate interaction between giver and receiver, is an avenue of exploration and training in the fine art of sexual expression ..."

             Open your mind and use the sensual-erotic massage as a tool not only for pleasure and sensuality, but a great way to relax, heal past hurts, bond with your partner, enhance sensual and sexual sensations, deepen orgasmic capacity, and enjoy a more toned and energized body!
             This experience is meant to eroticize you and to awaken your entire body to it's sexual potential. It can simply be used for relaxation and sensual pleasure, but it can also be the prelude to more erotic adventures.

             Your sexual magnetism will be at a higher level therefore you start attracting erotic events and the sexual partner you always desired.
             From deep inside you, attracting the beauty next to you! This is what charismatic people do: Winning!
Be happy,
Be healthy,
Be successful!

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