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Erotic Massage Center Sundari
   "Sundari" has the roots in the ancient Indian language.
   It means "your inner and outer beauty".

Sundari Team welcomes you in a
magical world of impressions, suspended
in flawless time ...

          Now your Bucharest visit became more efficient and beautiful also because just had at least one of the Memorable, Personalized Sundari signature Massages... Just found Your whole Body tonic in Bucharest, Victoriei Square !

          Our Smiling Personnel is officially certified for : the Thai Traditional Massage, the Foot Reflex Therapy Massage, the Swedish Massage, the Facial Vietnamese Reflex Therapy Massage.

          In our premises you will forget about time as you inhale the perfumes of the vast Indian country: sandalwood, patchouli, cinnamon, clove, jasmine and get absorbed into a very softly decorated environment.

          Our beautifully masseuses takes care for each one of you to enjoy the comfort of a warmed, tranquil room, filled with relaxing, healing music and the light fragrances: either oriental sensual-erotic (ylang-ylang, fennel, geranium) or therapeutic thai traditional spices (cinnamon, clove, chili, tea tree, ginger), accordingly to your personality. Each session is preceded by sharing a pot of relaxing or oriental sensual-erotic tea and a brief consultation to personalize your needs. Having the 5 + years of experience in the Art of Sensorial Massage, we use Aromatherapy ( only pure Swiss Essential Oils) and Energy healing Therapies, secret ancient therapeutic maneuvers, Oriental body and mind relaxation !          

Each one of your Sundari Signature Massages can and usually integrates all the above mentioned therapies. We are giving you more than a regular therapeutic, relaxing massage, an oriental massage, a sensual-erotic massage or the thai traditional massage : we deliver results, always: relaxation and an improved every body's health and spirit, rebalanced, invigorated life force and energy fields. Above all now you have a completely different mood: relaxed, a significantly improved self esteem and a big smile on your face ... And a special mood which will last for few days, at least!

Please take the time to treat yourself right
and realize that you never had a real massage before... arriving in Bucharest, Victoriei Square, At Sundari Massage Center!

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    A relaxed state of mind will make you show your true inner and outer beauty.
    At SUNDARI we are specialised to release all stress and give you the maximum level of relaxation.
    Because SUNDARI is more than just a massage: is a state of the art of the sensorial massage...
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