Thai Traditional Massage in Bucharest

    Thai Traditional Massage

             Some maneuvers from the Thai Traditional Massage performed in a certain rythm on your back releases the tensions from all over your body, the slow maneuvers of stretching mobilize the joints, this session is to be done without any massage oils. The effects of these ancient massage technique are increased by essential oils, choose in a certain way, accordingly to the aromatherapy principles. Also can be turned into a session of massage in a very sensual manner.

             "A memorable massage session I never had before! This inspired me for a song. I was having in my mind, but being tensed, I was unable to put this on the paper". And guess what: now you hear it almost daily, he hit the success, he is famous! Keep going, Mr.O!

             "This massage can't be described in words. At the end of my 90 min. massage session I thought was only 1 hour. But 2 were gone! And I wished this not to be ending! It was worthy every RON!"

   "By massaging my foot (Reflexology massage session, o. n.) you experience such sensations all over the body, like your inside is dancing! Wow! Beauuuutiful!"

            At "Sundari" the ladies are really doing what they say in the presentation. And they are always smiling, but real smiles, from the eyes, from the heart, from their inside! Beautiful persons, beautiful smiles, beautiful massages...

             Known in Thailand as "Nuat phaen boran", meaning "ancient/traditional massage",Thai Traditional massage originated in India and is based on ayurveda and yoga. It was believed that this massage art was brought over to Thailand by Dr. Shivago Komarpaj over 2500 years ago. The ancient technique combines massage with yoga-like positions during the course of the massage; the northern style emphasizes stretching while the southern style emphasizes acupressure.

             At Sundari, a Thai Traditional Massage session of one hour makes you fly, because this alleviates all the tensions from the muscles, tendons, articulations. We use the acupressure lines as well as the stretching from these postures like yoga, is an interactive massage session. There are 108 postures and a full session in which is applied all the maneuvers is lasting 3 hours. We are not at all tired and while doing this we smile! These unique massage sessions are individually crafted using various appropriate knowledge and driven by a keen sense of responsibility to the people who trust in us.

             When we are doing one of our Sundari massage sessions, we are doing it well, since 2003 till now.

             That's why who's coming is coming back! From allover the world... Many thanks to You, who trusted us!

             The Ancient Sanskrit Blessing "I bow to the divine in you!"
             ( The Divine inside me salute the Divine inside you!)

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