Massage Center Sundari Bucuresti

Therapeutic Relaxing Massage: All our personnel is officially certified, after having thousands of hours of massage classes ( Dien Cham Facial Reflex Therapy Massage Technique, The Swedish Massage Technique, The Thai Traditional Massage (The Wat Po Traditional Medical School- Bangkok Thailand), Basic Tao Yin, Simple Chi Chung - Associate Instructor of Universal Tao Center (Master Mantak Chia), biotherapy, The Radiance Technique, Foot Reflex Therapy Massage) and other various massage techniques over 5 + years of experience.

          Find it all in one place : Bucharest ( Bucuresti ) , at Sundari Massage Center !

         ...releasing all stress and giving you the maximum level of relaxation.

         We carefully choose for each person the most appropriate selection, graduating the pressure, timing and the message of our touches during the massage session striving:
         "a maximum level of relaxation", pampering your "very special well being", "a feeling simply unforgettable", "eleasing your stress..."

         After wiping out the tensions from your body, due to the magic massage received from one of the Sundari girls you'll realize you are in a relaxed state of mind. Now your true inner self will be able to reveal the outer beauty.

         "The life in me sees and honors the life in you!"

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